About Legacy Realty Group

Legacy Realty Group was founded in 2018 by Tim Vandeville Jr with one goal in mind, provide the best customer service level and professionalism to create a stress-free experience. Starting out from his home office, Tim quickly decided to open his first office in Waterford, Wisconsin to help provide a professional setting in which he could meet with clients to discuss their transaction in private. He looked to create a relaxing space where relationships could be established and continued long after closings.

“A tradition of trust” is the Company’s motto and describes exactly what Legacy Realty Group is about. Here at Legacy Realty Group, we know that sustaining long-term relationships is the key to building a long-lasting brand and reputation. Building trust with our customers starts from the first interaction and continues throughout the process. Once you successfully close on your home, you become part of the Legacy Realty Group family for life.